Sweatshirt (hoodie)

Edgar showing our customized Bike Club sweatshirt, SBici!


Our sweatshirts are made of high quality cotton and polyester 50/50 blend and are "heavy duty."  We carry Gildan products which are of the highest quality available.

We are glad to customize them to fit your needs. We can utilize almost any font or graphic.  You can send in your design or you can work with our graphic artists to get what you want.

We carry sizes S, M, L, XL (Extra cost for 2xl, 3xl, and 4xl)

Our coozy hoodies are great for cold and windy days, especially for those days when you wake up feeling tired and you don't have the energy to dress presentable. Just slip on one of our great sweaters and you will be looking like you took your time to get ready. Just like our shirts, our hoodies are customizable. With proper care, your hoodie will last through the seasons and the weather.

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