Do Ubuntu-Orphan Bracelet Campaign!

The Dons Net Cafe is proud to work with the OBC-Orphan Bracelet Campaign by selling bracelets made my women in South Africa.  This allows us to take part in feeding women and children in Africa that are Aids/HIV positive and also combat the high employment that exists, especially for women. 

The OBC was developed by Louise Hogarth the documentarian of "Angels in the Dust."  This documentary shows the plight of Aids/Hiv infected children in South Africa at the Botsobello Orphanage.  We still donate our profits to this orphanage and try to skype whenever we can arrange the same time!

We have a new product, "Ubuntu box."  Ubuntu Box is a business in a box!  It includes everything you need to start helping this campaign in your community.  Ubuntu box includes:

  • 20 Do Ubuntu bracelets
  • Angels in the Dust video (host a showing; sell, sell, sell!)
  • 2 Do Ubuntu T-shirts
  • A business plan
  • Receipts
  • Contact with us when/as needed!

*We ask that any profits be used to help another non-profit or again the orphans depicted in the video.