Dons Net Café takes on San Fran

By Dyan Bomer on Mar 17, 2015 at 12:04 PM

From March 14-16, 2015, the Dons Net Cafe ventured to San Francisco on The National Virtual Enterprise Competition. The San Francisco Trade Fair, was a very distinguishing experience by not only the San Franciscan culture, but also the skills  learned to better the Dons Net Cafe. There were many competitions in San Francisco;The Sustainable Business Plan Competition was entered by Finding Common Ground, a unique jewelry business partnering with students from Paraguay, who share the Dons Nets Cafe’s goal of “Doing some Good in the World”. Next, the Marketing Plan team entered by Design and Cut, presented the unique opportunities to further expand the Dons Net Cafes’ customer basis. In addition, the Dons Net Cafes’ Colton ……. competed in the Speed Interview Competition, where he was tested on the qualities needed to gain a job. Lastly, senior Kyra Dunn participated in the Elevator Pitch competition; in less than 2 min she had to explain what the Dons Net Cafe is, how we are doing good in the world, and why you would invest in them ?

Before the real work started, The Dons Net Cafe toured the city, enriching both the students knowledge of the area, while having a fantastic time. In just one day the team conquested across the San Francisco Bay area by car, foot, bus or the Bart. Some of the stops the group made were at The Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, Union square, and Pier 39. The adventure never stopped!

The following day, the competitions began, and nerves soured in the group as they awaited the decision of the judges. For many, “ We were just glad to have the opportunity to be here and present our companies ”, this was the mindset as the competitors as they awaited their standings. The Dons Net Cafe soon learned that Colton ….. won 11th in Speed Interview, and Finding Common Ground won 3rd in Business Plan while also receiving a check of $500 to invest into the company.

San Francisco was a major success and proves that The Dons Net Cafe is a true business dedicated to quality, while making an impact on the local and global community