Google Hangout, Jane Goodall Institute, and the DNC-Roots and Shoots!

By Dyan Bomer on Nov 07, 2014 at 11:42 AM in Roots and Shoots
DNC Goes to Gombe National Park!
Our Google Hangout with Jane Goodall Institute!

On October 29th at 10am PST, the Dons Net Café and a Middle School in Colorado were honored to be chosen to be in the first ever (Beta) Google Hangout with the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) scientists and Google employees. During the hangout, we helped to pilot an advanced 3D mapping tool that is being tested by Google. We were chosen after Jesus Terrazas, Roots & Shoots National Youth Leader, presented this past summer at Google Headquarters in Mt. View, CA.

Students used the new 3D tool (cardboard binoculars with Android phones inserted) and also talked, asked questions and interacted with the JGI scientists who explained what we saw, in real time from this firsthand experience. The hangout lasted an hour and we “visited” Dr. Jane’s house and “hung” out in the Gombe National Park in a mango tree with chimps. The Dons Net Cafe was proud to be a part of such a unique event. Pablo Valladares, the Chief Green Officer, described the experience as “surreal.”

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