School Enterprise Challenge 2014 and the Dons Net Cafe's SBici!

By Dyan Bomer on Oct 17, 2014 at 02:17 PM in Projects

SBici Working Hard! SBici2

The Dons Net Cafe venture, SBici is in the School Enterprise Challenge 2014 which mentors students through the writing of a business plan and the development of real, sustainable youth lead ventures.  David Curland and Edvin Nunez are Co-Presidents of this company and are working with a mentor from the United Kingdom along with our business partners from BiciCentro.

Our goal is to not only teach teens/youth how to maintain and fix their own bikes, this does give great job opportunities, but to also promote bike riding, bike safety, and health benefits of biking in and to our community.

Last year we put in bike racks in front of the Dons Net Cafe and they are full every single day.  Our membership in SBici has doubled as well and we are really happy to now have 3 full time girls who are doing an awesome job and really enjoying the experience.

Tomorrow we are going on a bike ride, we will we looking to map out safe routes for students to ride their bikes to school.  Please join us in this mission.  Help the planet, help your health, and improve your mood-just by going for a ride!

School Enterprise Challenge 2014 and the Dons Net Cafe's SBici!-3