PIE Emerging Professionals Receive Recognition from PARTNERS!

By Dyan Bomer on May 22, 2014 at 05:22 PM in Press Releases
PIE Emerging Professionals Receive Recognition from PARTNERS!

Partners In Education

On the Morning of May 22nd 2014, 12 students from the Dons Net Café and Mrs. B. went to the Bacarra Resort and Spa for the 33rd annual Partners In Education Awards Ceremony. Each student was awarded a certificate from the program for excellent participation during their internship.  They represented in several categories such as Business, Education, and Medical.

Dons Net Café really came out to shine and we did shine even more than usual this year. From the beginning the coordinators of the award ceremony were already mentioning the VITA program and all the success it has had these 20 years.

Next speaker to stage, was former DNC Alumni, Erika Terrazas who was the CFO in 2011 and sister of current CEO, Jesus Terrazas. Erika is currently working in the County Education Office.  Erika Terrazas gave a speech thanking all her success to the Partners In Education program as well as Ms. B from the Dons Net Café. 

Dons Net Café had the majority of students getting awards for the business category, but also representing in other areas such as Education, were COO Linda Arellano who interned at First Five. CEO, of course, had a huge presence as his boss from D.D. Ford Construction, Doug Ford, talked about, received an award from ROP/CTE participation and had his sister present his award after her speech. Dons Net Café had an excellent participation and was well awarded for it.