SBHS Dons Net Cafe goes to National Youth Leadership Summit in NYC!

By Alexandra Estudillo on Jul 27, 2013 at 04:35 PM in Roots and Shoots
SBHS Dons Net Cafe goes to National Youth Leadership Summit in NYC!
Rose Parade 2013-Dr. Jane and Maddie
SBHS Dons Net Cafe goes to National Youth Leadership Summit in NYC!
Dr. Jane Goodall and Jesus Terrazas

Two Santa Barbara High School-Dons Net Café students, Jesus Terrazas and Maddie Mender, have been chosen to attend the National Youth Leadership Summit in New York City!  "Hailing from cities across the United States, this group of elite young leaders will participate in an in-depth leadership training program, and offer their youth voice to the Jane Goodall Institute for the ongoing development of the Roots & Shoots program.  Throughout this coming year, the 29 members of the Council will participate in comprehensive skills training with Roots & Shoots staff and field experts. Their trainings consist of project planning sessions and unique professional development and skill building seminars designed to connect the Council members with community leaders and influential change-makers working in fields of leadership, communications, sustainable development and so much more. "

Jesus has been very active in the Dons Net Café and has been selected to be the CEO this following school year.  Jesus has been dedicated to VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) for three years and has also worked diligently to support the Orphan Bracelet Campaign, Do Ubuntu.  Jesus volunteers at many beach/street cleanups and has traveled to many Roots & Shoots events throughout the United States, including New Orleans.  Jesus also was also able to meet with Dr. Jane Goodall at a recent honorary venue in La Jolla, CA called "Dinner with Jane."

Maddie is beginning her second year in the Dons Net Café Roots & Shoots group and volunteers with Santa Barbara group D.A.W.G. (helping shelter dogs be adopted) and the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation.  Maddie is currently a Sophomore and was very honored to be selected to ride with Dr. Jane Goodall in the Rose Parade this past summer. Dr. Jane Goodall was the Grand Marshal for this parade.

Jesus and Maddie both look forward to this event and the opportunity to continue to do some good in the world.  Congratulations to them both.


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Lesa R. Walker

Hello all! What a great article and honor for Jesus Terrazas and Maddie Mender!  I want to share with you the "Olymp-i-a Challenge", a simple, yet powerful exercise for peace, green-living, and health ( The exercise supports Roots & Shoots activities and empowers youth in their daily lives.

Jesus and Maddie-  It would be an honor if you would be willing to share info about the "Olymp-i-a Challenge" with the 29 members of the Council at NYLC and encourage global participation.  I hope you can help engage youth in ALL Roots & Shoots programs.  I was able to travel to Kenya a few weeks ago and I met with Dr. Goodall and also with Linus Wafula Ogao, the Director of Roots & Shoots Kenya.  Linus will be implementing the Olymp-i-a Challenge in the Roots & Shoots programs throughout Kenya, starting this month.  He is a dynamic young person dedicated to the values of Roots & Shoots and Dr. Goodall's message that each one of us can make a difference.  I would be happy to talk with you more about the "Olymp-i-a Challenge."  It aligns perfectly with Roots & Shoots.  It is "personal service learning,"  translating global issues into our every day reality.  In addition to the website above, please visit the "Olymp-i-a Challenge" Changemaker Project ( and also the "Call to Action" (  I need your help to make this happen throughout the world!  You can find me on Facebook and Google + as "Lesa R Walker".  I hope to hear from you.  Together, we can create positive change!

Thank you!


Lesa R. Walker, MD, MPH

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Mrs. B.

Lesa, we will be in contact, first week of school and all aflutter!  Sounds great.  Thank you!