Santa Barbara High School WINS Montecito Bank Anniversary Grant!
SBHS Dons Net Cafe Wins in Virginia Beach Business Comps!!
SBHS Dons Net Cafe takes on Washington DC!
VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) Free Tax Assistance!
9/11 Day of Service
Santa Barbara High School Dons Net Cafe Wins Small Business Summit Business Plan!

Dons Net Café is a group of student-run social entrepreneurial businesses located on the historic campus of Santa Barbara High School offered through the Regional Occupational Program since 1993. We have an amazing Economics teacher, Mr. Chris Morales, of Montecito Bank & Trust and follow the curriculum of Virtual Enterprise.  We know our success is directly tied to hard work and our involvement with our community.

The DNC represents a continued commitment to inspire students to create positive social and environmental change through ethical commerce and service-learning (ethonomics-a term coined by the Class of 2005 DNCers).  We represent these activities through our participation in Virtual Enterprise, VITA, Roots and Shoots,  and Service Learning.  All profits benefit student employees and associated ventures 100%.

Mission Statement:  The Dons Net Café's will educate and empower both youth and community to create change that is both beneficial to society and to the environment while running profitable social entrepreneurial businesses. We just believe in "Doin' Some Good in the World!"

Home Volunteering for Key Class fundraiser.